L’OREAL Pore Vanisher

I am constantly looking for ways to hide or minimize my large pores on my cheeks, nose and my chin from past scarring and acne. Over the years I’ve found ways to hide my pores under my makeup with the use of right techniques and makeup tools. It would be really nice to shrink my large pores to normal size with the use of creams or masks but there usually is a scam behind these sorts of products. When I first saw an ad in the magazine about L’OREAL Pore Vanisher cream I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t feel like spending $25.00 on such a product. The only reason why I bought this product was because it was on sale.The reviews found on ULTA website also didn’t agree with me. I should have listened to people that didn’t like this product. Well now you can hear it from me as well in details…

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LORAC POREfection Concealer vs NAKED SKIN Concealer

Hello ladies. I am sorry about being gone for almost a week. I am certainly back from all this craziness that’s been happening in my life right now. I wanted to start my week off with a review of the two popular concealers that are on the market right now. I am all about concealers and I use them daily as my normal makeup routine. I’ve gone through 20 or maybe 30 concealers ever since I’ve started using makeup (which has been years ago). I can say and you all can probably relate to this that some concealers were not worth buying at all. Some were too heavy, some did not match my skin tone, some were setting in fine lines after just a few hours of wearing makeup and some were clogging my pores so I would end up with breakouts, which is a big NO-NO. So recently I’ve purchased two concealers and I’ve been using them for about two months now. I wanted to share my experiences and my honest opinions about those two products and draw the fine line between the two.

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Sephora Favorites

A few weeks ago I was going through Sephora when I bumped into a $30.00 sale of Sephora Favorites Summer Stash. At the time I needed to bump up my order to $50.00 to get a free shipping so I decided to go ahead and purchase this Summer Stash Kit that included 10 makeup samples from different brands. The kit was on sale and its original price was $45.00. Pretty sweet deal. image

This kit comes with a very adorable makeup bag that reminds me of summer and sunshine. Actually, before I get into detail of what kind of products you can find in this kit, check out this link. As you can see on the picture products come from a variety of brands (all of them which I absolutely love).

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etailPR Blogger Network | Approved

Be an e-tailPR blogger

What more can Thursday bring than knowing that I was approved by the one and only etailPR Bloggers Network! Yay to me!  image
This bloggers network works with bloggers all over the world, giving them an incredible opportunity to expand and let other people across the world find them. etailPR works with top fashion and makeup brands and they are giving bloggers a chance to connect with them. These brands send out free samples for you to review on your blog, host competitions and get exclusive discounts. It is so easy to sign up.

Don’t wait.


Enjoy what the world has to offer.

Stay tune for more info about etailPR.


Just another late night post from a crazy driven makeup obsessed…me. Tonight I wanted to talk about another monthly makeup subscription for just $10.00 that is offered through Ipsy. If you’ve missed my previous post about Birchbox, you can find it here. Basically, it is the same exact set up and same exact payment deal. You would sign up and create your profile where you would answer multiple questions about your preferences and style. Based on your questions, your Glam Bag will then be personalized to your tastes. Continue reading

Birchbox Monthly Subscription Featuring Roller Lash Mascara by Benefit

Okay ladies. How many of you would want beauty samples delivered to your door every month for free? I’m sure most of you would want that and I’m sure there are websites out there that probably offer that kind of deal for free…There’s always a catch with these types of deals…you have to fill out hundreds of surveys, or you have to buy something, or pay for shipping…the list goes on and on. If you don’t want any headaches or waste your time on these pointless time consuming surveys then here’s a solution for you for only $10.00! Have you heard of Birchbox before? If no then I’ll quickly brief you on that. Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award

Another award I was not expecting to be nominated for, but here I am writing about it. Thank you so much Yesenia for nominating me. This gives me an opportunity to get to know other people and their blogs and show them my appreciation. If you are not following Yesy’s Lifestyle blog yet, I suggest you do. It always brings me happiness looking over her blog with its  bright colors, style and amazing posts. There you can find anything from beauty products to fitness.  Continue reading